ALL MY recommendations to become a expert on 2k3 Server

Task 1
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AD Basics 
AD basicthings to be know –Troubleshooting Active Directory
Common Windows Administrative Tasks
Backing up and restoring data
Changing group memberships
Checking event logs
Creating administrative scripts
Creating logon scripts
Creating user and group accounts
Deploying and upgrading software
Installing a DHCP server
Installing a domain controller
Managing applications on a local computer
Managing applications remotely
Managing directory replication
Management tasks for disks and volumes
File and folder management
Managing network printers
Managing servers remotely
Managing services
Monitoring network traffic
Monitoring security-related events
Monitoring server performance
Resetting user passwords
Safeguarding your system
Scheduling tasks
Setting up DNS
Setting up TCP/IP
Setting user and group security
AD FRS Basic and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Active Directory Replication Problems
High-level Methodology for Troubleshooting Active Directory Problems 
Troubleshooting High CPU Usage on a Domain Controller
Troubleshooting Active Directory—Related DNS Problems 
Performance and Reliability Monitoring 
System Recovery and Troubleshooting 
Manage Operations Master Roles
Securing Active Directory
How do you say AD and DNS integrated…What do you mean by this?
Understanding the Global Catalog
Understanding Sites and Replication and when to implement a site
Manage Forest Trusts & Creating
Manually publish a printer in Active Directory
Checklist: Creating a new Forest / New Domain / Child Domain Tree

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