Client Troublshooting checks check list

Are you able to ping the server?
Is the server in Accepted list for supported servers?
Is Client Installed?
What is the Hartbeat status?
What is the S/W inventory Status?
What is the H/W Status?
Is this system is in active state in the Console?
Is the system has Dubplicate DDR records in Console?
What is the Incident Number you created for this server?
Are you able to login in to the server?
Do you have administrator rights on the server?
Is the Default Shares are enabled?
is free space more than 500Mb availabl on the server?
did you find the SMS agent Service in the Services.msc?
Is the SMS Agent Host Service is in started state?
are you able to connect to the WMI?
Did you intiated Machine Policy and H/w and S/w Polices ?
Is the Policy able to recive?
any errors in Inventoryagent.log?
Did you tried to restart the SMS Agent Host service?
any errors in ccmexec.log?
are you able to open the MP cert and MPlist URLs from the client system?
did the .xml file reached to MP?
What happend to mp_ddr log?
Did you find the server Name in dataldr.log and updated in the DB?
Remove the client system from the console and uninstall the client now delete the smscliconfig.file and log off and login now try to reinstall the client

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