Discovery Mystery

Discovery Methods Six methods of discovery are available in Configuration Manager 2007:

  • Network Discovery
  • Heartbeat Discovery—————————————————-this must enabled in all sites
  • Active Directory System Group Discovery
  • Active Directory Security Group Discovery
  • Active Directory System Discovery
  • Active Directory User Discovery

  As Configuration Manager 2007 discovers resources, it creates records in the Configuration Manager database. This record is called a data discovery record (DDR) and the file generated has a .DDR extension. The specific information contained in each record varies depending on the resource “discovered,” but it can include data such as the NetBIOS name of a computer, IP address and IP subnet of a computer or device, operating system, MAC address, and so on. Depending on the discovery method used, resource DDRs are periodically regenerated to keep the discovery data up to date in the database and to verify that the resource is still a valid resource within the Configuration Manager 2007 site.   Now these methods what will discover?.. below are the discover use of each Active Directory System Group Discovery

  • Organizational unit
  • Global groups
  • Universal groups
  • Nested groups
  • Nonsecurity groups
  • Active Directory System Discovery

    • Computer name
    • Operating system
    • Object class
    • DNS Host name
    • Domain

    Active Directory User Discovery

    • User name
    • DNS host name
    • Object class
    • Active Directory domain
    • Active Directory container name

    Network Discovery

    • NetBIOS name
    • IP addresses
    • Resource domain
    • System roles
    • SNMP community name
    • MAC addresses

    Heartbeat Discovery :- Heartbeat Discovery is active only on computers that have already been installed as Configuration Manager clients.

    It is important to ensure that any schedule you create causes the DDRs to be updated frequently enough so that the original DDR isn’t viewed by Configuration Manager as obsolete or deleted from the database.Heartbeat Discovery updates existing DDRs rather than creating new ones. By default, it generates an updated DDR for each client every seven days, although this timing is configurable.

    Heartbeat Discovery runs on installed Configuration Manager clients according to the schedule you specify. With this method enabled, the Client Component Installation Manager (CCIM) on the client causes the Cliex32.dll to generate a DDR, which is then written to the management point. This file is the same size as a normal DDR (approximately 1 KB per client), and so it will generate approximately the same network traffic.  

    Active Directory Security Group Discovery he Configuration Manager 2007 Active Directory Security Group Discovery method searches for security groups by polling the closest Active Directory domain controller. The Active Directory domain can be in mixed mode or native mode.   Discovery Troubleshooting Flowcharts   Log files related to discovery Adsysdis.log Active Directory System Discovery log file showing when the discovery method runs, and its results. Look for the number of DDRs created and any “bogus” entries. Adsysgrp.log Active Directory System Group Discovery log file showing when the discovery method runs, and its results. Look for the number of DDRs created. Adusrdis.log Active Directory User Discovery log file showing when the discovery method runs, and its results. Look for the number of DDRs created.   DISCOVERY HAS A DEPENDENCE OF CLEINT PUSH, IF DISCOVERY IS NOT ENABLED OR NOT DISCOVERED ANY SYSTEMS THEN CLIENT PUSH WILL NOT PUSH ON ANY SYSTEM’S Scripts:- If you deleted any system from SCCM / SMS console you can initiate the client discovery data cycle then client can be reappear in the console   Third party Discovery Tools :- enhanced discovery tool   The major discovery drop backs in SCCM is it will not do a delta discovery it will do from scratch.. that means it will not discover specific to the changes that has changed from last cycle.. to accomplish this you need to depend on Enhanced discovery tool 

    now with SCCM R3 you can do delta discovery

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