54 Free recommended SCCM / MECM OSD interview Questions

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OSD – Specific Interview Questions Based on Students request

Below are only for OSD Section Interview Questions.

SCCM Operating system deployment interview Questions

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SCCM Operating System Deployment Interview Questions

SCCM / MECM OSD interview Questions

  1. What is Boot Image?
  2. What is WinPE?
  3. What drivers to be added to Boot Image
  4. What is DISM Command?
  5. How to add your company logo, to WINPE Boot?
  6. What are the ports to be open for Network / PXE based deployment?
  7. What is IPHELPER? And how this is useful in OSD?
  8. Let’s say if you do not have a Windows Server in your Branch office you do have a DP on a Windows 10 Machine, can you deploy Windows 10 for Bare Metal machines? if so How?
  9. Which log file you check for if a target PXE deployment machine is booted success or failure?
  10. What are the logs related to WinPE phase deployment errors? Name it?
  11. What is the location of SMSTS.log?
  12. What are the advantages you have with the integration of MDT with SCCM?
  13. What is Zero-touch deployment?
  14. What is Light touch Deployment?
  15. What is the log file for domain Join?
  16. What account is needed for OSD deployment?
  17. What is Bare Metal Deployment?
  18. What is In-Place Deployment?
  19. What are the log files for USMT?
  20. What is USMT?
  21. What are the configuration files in USMT?
  22. What is a State migration Point Role?
  23. What is Hard link Migration?
  24. What are the logs to be checked for Windows in-Place upgrade?
  25. During the OS deployment if the machine is getting automated restarted in WINPE state, what could be the issues? How do you troubleshoot?
  26. Post to the WINPE state, i.e., after SCCM Client installation steps the machine is not continuing with the OSD task sequence what could be the issues?
  27. How do you integrate the drives in the SCCM task sequence?
  28. How do you make a task sequence that can deploy Lenovo of 10 models and HP of 10 models? With a single task sequence? What logic do you use for automated Driver deployment?
  29. Do you use PNP Drivers or exe drivers?
  30. What is the task sequence variable and how you can use it?
  31. What are collection variables and how can you use them for task sequence?
  32. Have you worked with a multi-sites deployment of Windows 10 where you need to deploy for different regions, different language packs and different regional settings to be deployed? Let say for France, it should French with France region settings and similarly for German their own regional language packages and settings? Explain these how you have done this? Have you used any other tools or settings?
  33. What is an unattned.xml file?
  34. What is a gold image? Or Master image?
  35. What is the Reference Image?
  36. For Capturing the reference image what tool you use? Is it MDT or SCCM?
  37. How can you deploy apps in the task sequence?
  38. In the task sequence what is the best-recommended method to deploy apps from 1,) application method or 2) Legacy packages?

With specific to Co-Management with Intune and SCCM, you can expect below questions (These are not covered in my course, soon am going to update the course)

  1. What are the existing Machines?
  2. How to configure SCCM Task sequence for co-managed OS Deployment with existing Machines?
  3. How can you join the machines to Azure AD?
  4. How to deploy Windows Autopilot With SCCM?
  5. How to deploy machines over the internet with VPN connection for OSD and join the machines to Domain /  Azure AD?
  6. What are the AAD joining logs you check during the failure?
    End of SCCM / MECM OSD interview Questions

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