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Communication errors between Site’s
SQL Server Errors

For Every Term you need to get a log file Name, Glossary should learn it

Site Server issues :-

  1. Not able to connect to the Console
  2. Site is not sending status messages, the procedure to confirm and the default report
  3. Site Server Slow or CPU High Utilization
  4. backlogs finding
  5. Backlogs Story…
  6. MY Script to check the Backlogs
  7. Database errors related to Site Server and SQL
  8. Importance of SMS Provider
  9. Collections are not appearing in the hierarchy log file
  10. Some of IMP Log Files
  11. Status messages not for set to clear you must understand what happens when we set to clear and act to the situation
  12. SMS 2003 Troubleshooting Workflow
  13. News / MYITForum Group Importance
  14. Backup of Sites
  15. Uninstallation of Sites
  16. Planning of Sites “”Configuration Manager Preplanning Worksheets””
  17. Primary Site
  18. Secondary Site
  19. Just the DP
  20. Boundaries
  21. Boundary Overlapping
  22. FSP and it’s history why we need FSP?
  23. Site to Site key exchange
  24. Possibility of NLBs and for MP and WSUS
  25. OSD Coverage and steps
  26. lets try MDT also
  27. If possible Lets try Native Mode also

Client Issues:-

  1. Client Installation Methods
  2. Software Update point Based Client installation
  3. Disadvantages of Client Push
  4. Client installation Log files

Client Installation Troubleshooting:-

  1. WMI Connectivity check
  2. WMI Rebuild
  3. WMI Log Files
  5. Drive Space issues, FS.exe
  6. Permissions, admin$, 64 bit ccm folder location & 32 bit control panel
  7. Not found MP
  8. not detecting the site code
  9. client not assigning to site code and trying to install
  10. possible of command line option of ccmsetup.exe
  11. ccmclean.exe
  12. IMP log Files related to Client
  13. patching related log file and issue
  14. patching is failing to install
  15. is sms/sccm client is manacle of things to automate?
  16. Trace32.exe
  17. Client Status Reports
  18. SMS Client Health Monitor
  19. Some of the “”State Messages in Configuration Manager 2007”


  • MP Troubleshooting
  • Reporting Point Troubleshooting
  • Secondary Site Installation
  • Ports Document
  • patching the Systems
  • Workstation Patching style and server patching status
  • maintenance window
  • SCCM R2 Advantages
  • SCCM Features comparison with SMS



Software inventory
Hardware inventory
SMS_def.mof File and tool from MYITFORM for registry key
mof compile
no idmif
idmif     Log files for Communication

  1. Component Configuration Manager Troubleshooting
  2. ADMINUI.log file
  3. Delegation of Configuration / SMS Console
  4. Status messages

Package Distribution Issues

  1. Procedure to Confirm the Package  is reached to the DP And  Log File
  2. Procedure to Package Source Version and Current Version finding
  3. What is refresh and Update package and resend to DP?
  4. How to Distribute the Packages to Multiple DPs? DP Groups?
  5. IMP Log Files related to Distribution:- Sender and Scheduler and Distmgr.log
  6. Compressed files like .Pck story
  7. What is the Compressed Package?
  8. What is Binary replication in Distribution?
  9. What is the Package Creation Flow, I mean what kind of files gets changed in the work flow, like Dispooler and etc…
  10. Importance of BITS on DP
  11. Distribution points Related reports to the DP and Database Tables
  12. Troublshooting steps for a Package is not reaching DP
  13. Download package and run from DP
  14. Virtual Applications and relationship with DP
  15. In the Event of Distribution Point OS Failed how to proceed further to get it corrected?
  16. Document from my blog DP in and Outs

Distribution Point Family and its Terms:-  

  1. Understanding of Advertisement?
  2. Standard DP
  3. Protected DP
  4. Branch Distribution Point
  5. peer DP
  6. Nomad DP
  7. Check in IE
  8. More than 700 do we need another DP?
  9. DFS and DP ?
  10. File Server and DP ?
  11. For each above Log files


  1. Working style of Advertisement..
  2. When we advertise the Command line Options that we can see…. for executing style
  3. Default report that we can check for advertisement
  4. Log files for advertisement
  5. From console view of Advertisement status
  6. If Advertisement failed how to make sure it to run again
  7. Suppressing the Advertisement
  8. how to use toolkit to see advertisement history
  9. related information in control panel for advertisement
  10. maintenance of Cache folder
  11. If report is not showing more than 10000 rows for any advertisement
  12. Advertisement to advertise Users and User groups
  13. Advertisement interaction with user
  14. Advertisement running with the administrator privileges and Logged in user account rights
  15. Administrator Flow for Advertisement
  16. advertisement to be appear in the add and remove programs


Other Topics

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  • DP Issues
  • Preinst.exe
  • How to find the What deployment that are using… currentsly for this month
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  • Wake on LAN ports and difference and unicast and subnet broad cast
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  • Software Updates desgin and flow for how to create and deploy with the reports and log files
  • Small talk on OBT
  • SCCM Client Installation Batch Script
  • Psexec tool
  • psexplorer
  • Collections Database Table
  • Right Click Tools
  • System Center Clint Center
  • SCCM R3
  • Configuration Manager Preplanning Worksheets
  • Finally Glossary
  • IP Sec
  • Isolation of Domains
  • VLans
  • wdsutil
  • Multicasting
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