How to Perform a ConfigMgr 2007 Site Reset

Provided here you will find the steps necessary to perform a ConfigMgr 2007 Site Reset if the need arises.

A site reset in Configuration Manager is similar to the process for SMS 2003 and can be performed in a matter of minutes. The site reset process is initiated using the CD-ROM Installation media or the Configuration Manager Installation directory folder on the site system with the issues that need resolved.

Follow the steps below to perform a ConfigMgr 2007 site reset using the Microsoft Configuration Manager Installation directory folder.

1. Locate the Setup.Exe in the following default location: “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Configuration ManagerbinI386Setup.Exe”

2. At the Welcome to the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Setup Wizard screen review the information on the screen and select “Next’ to continue.

3. At the Available Setup Options screen select “Perform site maintenance or reset this site” radial button and select “Next” to continue.

4. At the Site Maintenance screen select the checkbox to “Modify SMS Provider configuration” and select “Next” to continue.

5. From the SMS Provider Settings Modification screen ensure that the site server name is populated in the text box provided for you to “Enter the appropriate installation location for the provider” and select “Next” to continue.

6. Select “Yes” to continue at the popup dialog box that states:

“Specified installation for the provider is the same as the current provider location.

Would you like to reinstall the provider?”

At this point the proves is initiated and the Setup Action Status Monitoring screen is displayed with the following actions and their status:

Shutdown Configuration Manager Services
Reset ConfigMgr related accounts
Reset permissions for ConfigMgr related directories
Upgrade site control file
Update Registry
Verify permissions for ConfigMgr related directories

7. When the process has been competed select “Next” to continue.

8. At the Completing the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Setup Wizard screen select the “View Log” button to review the log file and select “Launch the Configuration Manager Console after closing” to verify that ConfigMgr is operating as expected.

Note: If you choose not to review the log file at step 8 above you can review it at a later date. The site reset log file is appended to the existing C: ConfigMgrSetup.Log file.

Tip: Before performing a site reset it is a good practice to rename the existing ConfigMgrSetup log file to something like “Initial_ ConfigMgrSetup.Log” or “ConfigMgrSetup.Old” prior to performing a site reset. Then if needed you can rename the newly created site reset ConfigMgrSetup.Log file to something like “SiteReset_MMDDYY.Log”.

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