Hyper – V — SysPrep Windows 2008 R2

1) Install WINDOWS 2008 R2 on the host machine 2) Add Hyper V role 3) Create a new VM to act as the base IMAGE 4) Mount an ISO version of windows 2008 or R2 5) Install the OS 6) Run Sysprep (/generalize switch enabled), Shutdown 7) Inside Hyper V manager, Export to a alternate location 8) After Export is done, copy the entire folder to your permanent location 9) Inside Hyper V manager, import the VM you copied. 10) Rename to a friendly name. 11) Fire the new VM up, run through the sysprep process and poof! 12) Make sure you chose “Copy the virtual machine (create a new unique ID)’ option, this is not the default.

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