License 15A – General License Reconciliation Report by Machine

Most of the time people will get tried to import the third party license file however due to some Characters limitation or some other we will get errors while importing the .csv file.

The easy solution i can see it a free utility called CT-AILW.exe.
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Configuring the utility

Once you have downloaded our utility you have to:

  1. Copy CT-AILW.exe to C:Program FilesCoretechAILW CT-AILW.exe (you need to create the folder manually).
  2. Copy e1db6caa-40cb-49f0-a744-21ca930b419fe1db6caa-40cb-49f0-a744-21ca930b419f.xml to <D>:Program FilesMicrosoft Configuration ManagerAdmine1db6caa-40cb-49f0-a744-21ca930b419fe1db6caa-40cb-49f0-a744-21ca930b419f.xml to <D>:Program FilesMicrosoft Configuration Manager Admin ConsoleXmlStorageExtensionsActions e1db6caa-40cb-49f0-a744-21ca930b419fe1db6caa-40cb-49f0-a744-21ca930b419f.xml (notice, you need to create the Actions folder manually).
  3. Restart the Configuration Manager Console.

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