Microsoft Intune Discovered Apps Software Inventory Reports

The Intune discovered apps feature allows you to view a list of all the apps that are installed on devices that are managed by Microsoft Intune within your organization. This list acts as a software inventory, providing an overview of the apps being used in your organization and enabling you to take actions on those apps, such as assigning them to groups of users or devices or creating policies to govern their use. The report on discovered apps is separate from app installation reports and is updated regularly as new apps are installed or removed from devices. On personal devices, Intune does not collect information on unmanaged apps.

Intune discovered apps feature

However, on corporate devices, information on all apps, whether managed or not, is included in the report. The report is refreshed every 7 days from the time of device enrollment, with the exception of application information collected through the Intune Management Extension for Win32 Apps, which is collected every 24 hours.

Intune offers a variety of reports that can be accessed from the Intune portal, including device reports, app reports, and compliance reports. These reports provide information on the number of devices that are enrolled in Intune, the types of devices that are being used, and the apps that are installed on those devices. They also provide information on the compliance status of devices, including whether they are compliant with organizational policies and whether they have the latest security updates installed.

In addition to these standard reports, Intune also allows organizations to create custom reports using the Report Wizard. This tool allows you to select the data that you want to include in your report and to specify the format and layout of the report. You can then schedule the report to run on a regular basis or run it on demand as needed.

Intune reports can be extremely useful for organizations that need to track and manage the use of devices and apps within their organization. By using these reports, organizations can get a better understanding of how devices and apps are being used, identify any potential issues or problems, and take steps to address them. Whether you need to track device and app usage, ensure compliance with organizational policies, or simply get a better understanding of your organization’s mobile device management needs, Intune reports can provide the insights you need to make informed decisions.

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