Once SMS 2003 Upgraded you must delete these accounts ; SMS 2003 accounts delete

Always Delete

The following accounts should always be deleted because they are never used for Configuration Manager 2007.

  • SMS Service account
  • CCM Boot Loader (DC) (SMS#_dc)
  • CCM Boot Loader (Non-DC)( SMSCCMBootAcct&)
  • Client Services (DC) (SMS&_dc)
  • Client Services (Non-DC) (SMSCliSvcAcct&)
  • Client User Token (DC) (SMSCliToknAcct&)
  • Client User Token (Non-DC) (SMSCliToknLocalAcct&)
  • Client Connection (SMSClient_sitecode)
  • Legacy Client Software Installation
  • Internal client group (SMSInternalCliGrp)
  • Site System Database (SMS_SQL_RX_sitecode)
  • Server Connection (SMSServer_sitecode)

The Site System to SQL Server Connection (SMS_SiteSystemToSQLConnection_sitecode) group is not used after upgrade and can be deleted for Configuration Manager 2007 sites, but is still used for SMS 2003 site servers and site systems to connect to their site database servers.

Do Not Delete

Do not delete the following groups; even though they have SMS in their names, they are still used for Configuration Manager 2007.

  • SMS Administrators (SMS Admins)
  • Reporting Users (SMS Reporting Users)
  • Site System to Site Server Connection (SMS_SiteSystemToSiteServerConnection_sitecode)
  • Site to Site Connection (SMS_SiteToSiteConnection_sitecode)

Do not delete the Client Push Installation account or the Site Address account, if used in your environment. These accounts are still used in Configuration Manager 2007. The Advanced Client Network Access account can still be used in Configuration Manager 2007, but is called simply the Network Access account.



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