Outllok issue in IE7

UPDATE: Some of you are telling me that although the 
MIME upgrade fixes some of the problems but you are still experiencing
difficulty when sending messages.

This is most likely due to your service (company, etc.) not updating their
exchange server with the “hotfix”. “The cause of the problem is due to Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista no longer include support for Dynamic HTML Editing ActiveX control, and thus missing a functionality that Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access relies on to do HTML editing in Outlook Web Access.” More information about this here: https://www.mydigitallife.info/2006/12/09…dows-vista/ and here: http:/…06e8a-08eb-4976-bc68-a03ebe3a2552&DisplayLang=en It appears that both the MIME download upgrade and the hotfix must be applied in order for everything to work correctly.  If you need access to your email and none of the above is working, the Opera and Firefox browsers are having no difficulty with this problem and are working fine with OWA and Vista (go figure…)
____________________________________________________ You may find yourself unable to compose a new message when trying to access your exchange server via [tag]Microsoft[/tag] [tag]Outlook[/tag] [tag]Web[/tag] [tag]Access[/tag] while using [tag]Internet Explorer[/tag]; however, you can access it with [tag]Firefox[/tag] and the Opera Browsers.  If you are having this problem you will see a [tag]red[/tag] [tag]square[/tag] with an “X” in it when you try to [tag]compose[/tag] a [tag]new[/tag] [tag]message[/tag]. I found this problem to be quite frustrating and found very little information about it on the web.  Thus, I am posting the answer here on https://www.mustech.net The original conversation I had with about this subject may be found on https://techrepublic.com.com and found here:  Link to thread and the solution was provided by David. Error Seen with IE7: Outllok issue in IE7 Paddy Maddy The Solution: 1.  Slide down the left Task Pane and Click on “options”. Outllok issue in IE7 Paddy Maddy 2. Slide down to “E-mail Security” and Click Install or Upgrade the S/MIME Control.  This will download a new add-on. Outllok issue in IE7 Paddy Maddy 3. Click “RUN” when asked about the Microsoft Outlook Web Access S/MIME install and security warning. Outllok issue in IE7 Paddy Maddy 4. Close and RESTART IE7 5. Go back to your Web Access Site (webmail program) and select “New” to begin composing a new message.  The program should now be functioning normally and the red “X” should be gone. Outllok issue in IE7 Paddy Maddy Good luck!  Your Comments and Suggestions Welcome!

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