Packages are not distributed to Child Sites

This behavior can occur because the SmsInboxesSchedule.boxUid folder is empty or does not exist or incorrect files in the SMSinboxesschedule.boxUID folder can stop or inhibit communications
To resolve this behavior, you must open the SmsInboxesSchedule.boxUid folder and create two empty text files called nnnnnnnn.job and nnnnnnnn.req, where nnnnnnnn is the number in the filename, which is greater than any of the files’ names that were already found in the directory (Guess what could be the greater name???? it took for me some time but finally the file name should be… ZZZZZZZZ …..I have mentioned below the process for how to do it)
How to do it:-
Stop the SMS Executive Service.
Verify that the SMSinboxesschedule.boxUID folder exists. Create it if it does not.
Place two files in this folder. Because the scheduler processes jobs in a sequential fashion, you will want to create files that are at the end of the processing cycle. Name the first one ZZZZZZZZ.JOB and the other ZZZZZZZZ.REQ. 
Start the SMS Executive Service.
In some cases communications will be in stopped state, but there are two files already in the UID directory, Just delete them and adding the “Z” files.
Note:- Make sure there are 8 “Z”‘s in the file name


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