SCCM Collection / Computer Delete and Delete Special Explanation


  • Right clicking on a 'resource' and choosing 'Delete' will delete the resource from the SMS database
  • Right clicking on a 'Collection' and choosing 'Delete Special' will delete all objects in the Collection from the SMS database.
To restore the entry Again:

If the Client software has been installed but the information reflected by the resource entry in the MMC remains incomplete or inaccurate, you can correct it by deleting the existing resource entry and copy the 'SMSDISC.DDR' file from the target client workstation's '%WINDIR%smssmscoredata' directory to the Site Servers '' directory.

Wait a few minutes then, in the MMC, highlight the 'All Systems' Collection, right click and select 'All Tasks | Update Collection Membership'. This usually places a small hour glass over the 'Collection' icon. Right click again and select 'Refresh'. A valid resource entry should now appear.


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