SCCM / SMS Inactive systems from Active Directory?

Detailed Feature Comparison of ESD 2007, SMS 2003 and SCCM 2007

Feature ESD 2007 SMS SCCM 2007
Ability to extend discovery with additional AD Attributes Yes No Yes
Ability to filter on the when changed attribute Yes No No
Delta Discovery
– Only Discover AD Objects that have changed since the last discovery
Yes No No
Update Collection Membership Automatically when AD Group membership changes. New in R2! Yes No No
Discover only systems assigned to specific sites Yes No No
Run the discovery agent on a workstation reducing SMS/SCCM Server load Yes No No


Don’t you think it’s time to tie the knot?

  • Is SMS/SCCM continually discovering and troubleshooting inactive systems from Active Directory? How about disabled systems?
  • Do your patch compliance reports indicate less compliance due to a large percentage of inactive systems?
  • Is your organization paying for licenses they aren’t using because of inactive systems being counted towards your Software Licensing Agreements?
  • Does it take hours or days for SMS/SCCM to update based on changes to systems in Active Directory?
  • Do you need to deploy software to systems immediately after they have changed OU’s or been added to a new Active Directory group?
  • Are your site servers flooded with discovery records? Does it take all night or all weekend to complete an Active Directory discovery cycle?
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