1E Migration Tool

The Migration of Package and Program details along with source files
Renaming of Package and Program names during migration
Direct transfer of packages from your SMS site to ConfigMgr
Export to flat file structure from SMS site and Import into ConfigMgr from flat file
Exporting of SMSNomad command line settings to new ConfigMgr Nomad tab settings   Download:

ConfigMgr Site Bound Tool

SiteBound.exe /s {central site server} /file {excel file} /log {path} /s Central Site Server name.
/file Path to Excel files.
/log Log file path. Download it from

ConfigMgr 2007 CCR creator tool

Run the Create_and_copy.bat file and it will

1. Create a folder on the c drive called CCRBIN
2. Copy the IPF and Machines.cvs files to the CCRBin folder

Then it will ask you to compile the IPF with SMS installer.

Then to run it use these directions

1. Add the machines that you want CCR's created for to the Machine.cvs file (it can be 1 or many)
2. Execute the EXE
3. It will prompt you for your ConfigMgr Server
4. Then it will prompt you for your ConfigMgr Site code
(This info can be hardcoded just follow directions in the IPF to do that)

—Created by: Chris Stauffer download

ConfigMgr Branch DP Add

This tool was written in C# and requires the .NET framework 2.0 Running the tool
BDPAdd.exe /s {central site server} /file {excel file} /log {path}
/s Central Site Server name. /file Path to Excel files. /log Log file path.
download it from

Preload Package Tool for Configuration Manager 2007

Problem Scenarios:

  1. When software distribution packages are created, information about them is sent to child sites in the hierarchy. If a child site has a distribution point installed that is listed in the package properties to host the content, the content is transferred over the network and uses available network bandwidth sending compressed copies of all required package source files. To avoid using network bandwidth, the Preload Package Tool can be used to copy compressed software distribution package source files to the remote child site before assigning the child site distribution point to host the package source files.
  2. If a child site fails that has a distribution point that is assigned to host software distribution package source files for a package created at a site higher in the hierarchy, all package source files will be resent over the network when the site is rebuilt and rejoined to the site hierarchy. To avoid this, the Preload Package Tool can be used to restore backed up compressed software distribution package source (.pck) files to the distribution point before rejoining the site to the hierarchy so they will already be present.


  1. Copy PreloadPkgOnSite.exe file to the .program files installation directorybini386 directory on the child site that you wish to preload compressed software distribution package source (.pck) files.
  2. Copy the applicable .pck files from the parent site or from a backup location to the distribution point share on the child site manually. After manually copying the files, ensure that the read-only NTFS file attribute for the .pck file is set.
  3. From a command prompt, run the tool using the following syntax: PreloadPkgOnSite.exe PkgID StoredPkgVersion.
  4. Running this command will update necessary software distribution package source location information for the site and forward this information up the hierarchy.
  5. After the package source file location information is sent up the hierarchy, the distribution point hosting the manually copied .pck files can be added to software distribution package source locations at without the need to transfer package source files over the network.


  1. The command line usage is: PreloadPkgOnSite.exe PkgID StoredPkgVersion
  2. If software package information already exists for a package at the site where the tool is used, the tool cannot be used.
  3. This tool is meant only for child sites and cannot be used to preload packages that were created at the child site where the tool is run.
  4. The PkgID.pck file must exist at the child site before the tool is run.


  • When run, this tool modifies site database information at all sites higher in the hierarchy. This tool should only be run on fully functioning child sites and only when necessary.
  • If the Configuration Manager 2007 distribution manager process has already started processing software distribution package information to be preloaded, there is no need to run the tool

Download it from here:

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