1E Nomad Enterprise

Overview Nomad Enterprise consists of two powerful components, Nomad Branch and PXE Lite. Users with remote branches can benefit greatly from using Nomad for software distribution: 1E Nomad delivers the ability for network booting, eliminating the need for an expensive server in each branch 1E Nomad controls the amount of bandwidth it uses so even … Read more

1E Free Tools – SMS / ConfigMgr 2007

Program Clone Wizard The Program Clone Wizard is an MMC snap-in for the Administrator Console. It extends the right mouse click menu for a single SMS/ConfigMgr Program allowing you to run a simple wizard which duplicates the Program and sets it to run using Nomad Enterprise. Date: 16 Aug 2006   Size: 234 Kb Program Clone … Read more

1E Free Tools for ConfigMgr 2007

ConfigMgr tools Advanced Task Sequence Environment Tool The TSEnv2.exe is a command line tool that lets administrators manipulate the Microsoft 2007 task sequence environment. It allows them to get, set, list and dump all variables within the OSD Task Sequence environment. This tool also allows changes to ‘read only’ variables that cannot be changed with … Read more