Delete all packages from Distrubution Point

Did you get ever a situation to delete all the Packages from one Specific DP ? There are few tools/Scripts are available –          ConfigMgr 2007 Distribution Point Package Utility o   Can be downloaded from –          Vbscript I like this tool as it is very quick o For SCCM 2012 ‘Rslaten 03/2005’ On … Read more

Distribution Points and mystery of it’s folders

When a DP Role Enabled we can see at least four folders.   1.SMSPKG ==>.PCK & *.DLX *.DLT.x2.SMSPKGX$ ==> Packages Folders & Source 3.SMSPKGSIG ==> Contains .Tar files4.SMSSIG$  Contains .Tar files Move or delete SMSPKGSIG folder: – SCCM2007 creates a folder “SMSPKGSIG” on the drive where the SCCM ProgramFiles are installed. To move the folder … Read more

Choose SCCM DP Vs Secondary site Vs BDP

1) Implementing the Secondary site Pros:-     Ø  Traffic  can be compressed/ Scheduled/Throttled & rate limit on the  address Ø  Secondary sites do not require additional Configuration Manager 2007 server licenses. Ø  Secondary sites do not require an additional SQL Server database at the secondary site. Ø  Clients can be managed across a slow network … Read more

Replace the Hardware for a Secondary Site

One way to replace the hardware for a Secondary Site from Sherry ==> Tools needed: Preinst.exe from SMS 2003 Toolkit 2 PreLoadPkgonSite also from SMS 2003 Toolkit 2 CloneDP, installed (pre-req of .Net 2) Script or method to enumerate .pkg files in X:smspkg MPTroubleshooter also from SMS2003 Toolkit 2 Resources needed locally … Read more

Distribution Point Update Vs Refresh

Choose Between Updating and Refreshing a Package Applies To: System Center Configuration Manager 2007 only Updating and refreshing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 packages are two different operations. Use the following table to help decide when to update and when to refresh a package.   Criterion Package Update Package Refresh Use when You make … Read more

Configuring SCCM and Branch Cache

Configuring SCCM and Branch Cache Branch cache is a feature introduced with Windows 2008 R2 that allows systems within the same subnet and separated from a content source (such as a WSUS server) to share downloaded content locally rather than each system having to traverse a latent network link back to the content source. Branch … Read more