SCCM package distribution fails to send a package to a distribution point… When multiple times clicks to updates

SCCM package distribution fails to send a package to a distribution point… When multiple times clicks to updates issue we can see below in the Distmgr.log file Package XYZ00234 requires a newer version (3) of source files and the new compressed files haven’t arrived yet, current version is 2, skip E:SMSinboxesdistmgr.boxINCOMINGZ3AWAX9I.PKG read here : … Read more

To get ride of IIS Webdav issue

Most of the time some or other application extension would be blocked because of IIS Webdav Settings issue, to stop filtering in IIS Webdav we can change the setting at the site level, i.e., open inetmgr/ IIS Console and chose the server name and in the right side we need to choose the “WebDav Authoring … Read more

SCCM + MDT Driver Management – Good Info To Read

Below are the options that i could see to automate the Drivers for different models…For DELL Dell Repository Manager is an application that allows IT Admins more easily manage system updates. Repository Manager provides an easy to use, searchable interface used to create custom collections known as bundles and repositories of Dell Update Packages (DUPs).  A Dell Update Package … Read more

How to Setup complete Asset Intelligent :SAM

Your first step would be Enable AI Role Make sure you have enabled H/W & S/w Agent & Software metering Agent. For CAL Tracking Make Sure you Enable Audit logon Success.    And Client Access License (CAL) data collection must be enabled in the Configuration.mof the file can be found in SCCM installed … Read more

Wake ON LAN – End to End Configuration at Client Site

Dependencies External to Configuration Manager 2007 Dependency More Information Network cards must support the standard Magic Packet format. All network cards that have the Windows Logo certificate support this Magic Packet format. Computers must be configured for wake-up packets on the network card and in the computer BIOS. Refer to your hardware vendor’s documentation for … Read more

What kind of Data Will be flow between the Sites

  Child sites send the following information to their direct parent sites: Discovery information Inventory information Site control information Status messages The Data collected from a child site to a parent site are listed here: Discovery data records (DDRs) Inventory data License balancing data Site control files Status messages The Data passed from a parent … Read more

Distribution Points and mystery of it’s folders

When a DP Role Enabled we can see at least four folders.   1.SMSPKG ==>.PCK & *.DLX *.DLT.x2.SMSPKGX$ ==> Packages Folders & Source 3.SMSPKGSIG ==> Contains .Tar files4.SMSSIG$  Contains .Tar files Move or delete SMSPKGSIG folder: – SCCM2007 creates a folder “SMSPKGSIG” on the drive where the SCCM ProgramFiles are installed. To move the folder … Read more

SMS to SCCM Auto Migration Script

SMS to SCCM Auto Migration Script   Copy.bat   xcopy /y ccmsetup.exe c:windowstempxcopy /y ccmclean.exe c:windowstempxcopy /y install.bat c:windowstempschtasks /CREATE /SC MINUTE /mo 90 /TN Migration /TR “C:windowstempinstall.bat” /RU SYSTEMschtasks /CREATE /SC MINUTO /mo 90 /TN Migration /TR “C:windowstempinstall.bat” /RU SYSTEM     Install.bat   C:windowstempccmclean.exe /client /qC:windowstempCcmsetup.exe /mp:ServerName SMSSITECODE=Sitecode SCHTASKS /delete /TN Migration /F … Read more