SCCM : Copy and Paste, context menu add-on

Source:– SCCM : Copy and Paste, context menu add-on I like SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) and in my opinion it is a great management tool, but it’s developers, apparently, forgot the small things that makes it better. One of the missing feathers is the copy & paste menu option (“Elementary my dear Watson”). When … Read more

Package not downloading due to some IIS File filtering blocking issue

Check with these commands     BITSADMIN /LIST /ALLUSERS   C:>BITSADMIN /geterror {7D46DE5B-3911-40B1-A72B-607737DB06F9} BITSADMIN version 2.0 [ 6.6.3790.3959 ]BITS administration utility.(C) Copyright 2000-2004 Microsoft Corp. ERROR FILE:    https://sccmserver.mydomain:80/SMS_DP_SMSPKGD$/SMSPKG/HCC0005F/AdminImage/x86/en-us/acad/Acad/Program Files/Root/HelpHtml/contexthelp/+CONSTRAINTSETTINGS.htm -> C:WINDOWSsystem32CCMCacheHCC0005F.1.SystemAdminImage/x86/en-us/acad/Acad/Program Files/Root/HelpHtml/contexthelp/+CONSTRAINTSETTINGS.htmERROR CODE:    0x80190194 – The requested URL is not found on this server.ERROR CONTEXT: 0x00000005 – When processing the remote file error has occurred … Read more

Determine Server Placement for Internet-Based Client Management – IBC

All server placement references below refer to a primary site only; secondary sites do not support Internet-based client management. Server Placement for Sites that Do Not Need to Also Manage Intranet Client If the Configuration Manager 2007 site does not need to support both Internet clients and intranet clients, Scenarios 1 and 2 in the … Read more

Patching Related End to end – Collections and reports :-

Below is for a compliance report based on SQL declare @CollectID AS  varchar(8)SET @CollectID= ‘SMS0001’ declare @CollectionListID AS  varchar(90)SET @CollectionListID=’ScopeId_5432f432-F885-4A98-B666-5432134122/AuthList_F15C63EA-B655-4940-A250-654323fd432′ declare @CI_ID int; select @CI_ID=CI_ID from v_ConfigurationItems where CIType_ID=9 and CI_UniqueID=@CollectionListID declare @CollCount int, @NumClients int; select @CollCount = count(*), @NumClients=isnull(sum(cast(IsClient as int)), 0) from v_ClientCollectionMembers ccm where ccm.CollectionID=@CollectID select     CollectionName=vc.Name,    ‘Update List’=al.Title,    Status=sn.StateName,    … Read more


ConfigMgr/ SCCM Pro / Cons

ConfigMgr 2007 Limitations     What is DISTRIBUTION POINT (DP): A site system that has the role of storing package source files. Clients contact distribution points to obtain source files when they run advertised programs, advertised task sequences, or deployed software updates.Types of Distribution Points: Some distribution point types are not compatible with other distribution … Read more