AD quetions

These Days I looked at Interview qutions and i found below will be usefull for entry level, if any one intrested about interview quetion for SCCM I can give some of them…. Question 1:- What is Active Directory?Answer:-AD is called Active Directory. Active Directory is basically a directory service that is used in a windows … Read more


N. T. Rama Rao is a great actor who played different number of rolls in Telugu films.His acted in different rolls in ancient spiritual stories. Itihasic Rolls Sri Rama Sri Krishna God Maha Vishnu God Shiva Sri Venkateshwara Ravana(Lanka King) Dhuryodhana Bheema Keechaka Arjuna Karna Bruhannala Bhishma Viswamitra Maharshi Valmiki Nala MahaPaddy Paddya Harischandra Devotional … Read more