POC New released from MS

    https://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=26301cd1-cc72-4dd8-819e-12ef48322743 The PoC Jumpstart provides resources to deploy a desktop PoC with Windows 7, Office 2010, Internet Explorer 8, and Application Virtualization with Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack technology.   Overview This self-contained, self-service kit will help you complete a Proof-of -Concept (PoC) at your organization, allowing you to quickly evaluate the new Microsoft … Read more

RUN Command Tip’s

1. Click Start/Run and type APPWIZ.CPL to open “Add/Remove Programs” 2. Click Start/Run and type SYSDM.CPL to open “System Properties” 3. Click Start/Run and type HDWWIZ.CPL to open the Add New Hardware Wizard 4. Click Start/Run and type NCPA.CPL to open “Network Connections” 5. Click Start/Run and type LOGOFF and press Enter to LOG OFF … Read more

Sysprep parameters

Sysprep parameters You can use the following optional parameters with the Sysprep command in Windows XP: -activated – Do not reset the grace period for Windows product activation. Use this parameter only if you have activated the Windows installation in the factory.Important The product key that you use to activate the Windows installation must match … Read more


use ease:– For /F %a in (list.txt) do addaptr.bat %a list.txt sample input is addaptr.BAT DNSSERVERNAME COMPUTERSNAMETOBEADD.DOMAINNAME.COM IPADDRESS addaptr.bat QTEST.PADDYMADDY.COM   script:- ::  addaptr.bat::::  Purpose:         Add an A and PTR record using dnscmd.exe::::  Usage:           addaptr dnsserver fqdn ipadd::::                     dnsserver  DNS server’s ip, hostname or “.” if the::                                DNS service is running on local … Read more