sysprep a windows 2003 R2 image, follow the  below: Insert CD1 go to select everything and extract them to c:sysprep ( a folder that you have created it) Double click sysprep.exe. Keep the default settings (Options un-selected, shutdown mode: shutdown) click on Reseal And press Ok

Hyper – V — SysPrep Windows 2008 R2

1) Install WINDOWS 2008 R2 on the host machine 2) Add Hyper V role 3) Create a new VM to act as the base IMAGE 4) Mount an ISO version of windows 2008 or R2 5) Install the OS 6) Run Sysprep (/generalize switch enabled), Shutdown 7) Inside Hyper V manager, Export to a alternate … Read more

A legacy network adapter : Hyper – V

A legacy network adapter works without installing a virtual machine driver because the driver is already available on most operating systems. The legacy network adapter emulates a physical network adapter, multiport DEC 21140 10/100TX 100 MB. A legacy network adapter also supports network-based installations because it includes the ability to boot to the Pre-Boot Execution … Read more

Hyper – V : Installing a Legacy Network Adapter

Installing a Legacy Network Adapter.(Legacy Adapters aren’t supported in Windows Server 2003 64-bit or Windows XP 64-bit)1. Make sure your Virtual Machine is shutdown.2. Right-click the Virtual Machine in Hyper-v select Settings.3. Select Add Hardware.4. On the Add Hardware page select Legacy Adapter.5. Then click Add.