VBscript Configure Clients Internet based Management Point Setting

on error resume next ‘ Create variables.Dim newInternetBasedManagementPointFQDNDim client newInternetBasedManagementPointFQDN = “mp.contoso.com” ‘ Create the client COM object.Set client = CreateObject (“Microsoft.SMS.Client”) ‘ Set the Internet-Based Management Point FQDN by calling the SetCurrentManagementPoint method.client.SetInternetManagementPointFQDN newInternetBasedManagementPointFQDN ‘ Clear variables.Set client = NothingSet internetBasedManagementPointFQDN = Nothing

Determine Server Placement for Internet-Based Client Management – IBC

All server placement references below refer to a primary site only; secondary sites do not support Internet-based client management. Server Placement for Sites that Do Not Need to Also Manage Intranet Client If the Configuration Manager 2007 site does not need to support both Internet clients and intranet clients, Scenarios 1 and 2 in the … Read more