PXE-E53: No boot filename received

PXE-E53: No boot filename received everythink ok.. when checked – Both the Boot Images are sent to WDS Found one red Event in the application Events with event ID 258 executed below command to resolve the issue.. wdsutil /initialize-server /REMINST:”E:remoteinstall”

PXE Client How will find the PXE Server

    The process is roughly as below:   1. Client powers on2. NIC initiates PXE process3. NIC acquires DHCP address4. NIC contacts PXE server (WDS)5. PXE server delivers NBP to client6. NIC TFTPs boot image (from WDS) 4 This can be couple of different ways. If the DHCP request returned options 66 and 67, … Read more

Error information 0xC1030104

Add the following to your DHCP scope options:if you want to use DHCP Scope options 066 Boot Server Host Name – DNS name of PXE server 067 Bootfile Name – smsbootx86wdsnbp.com For not to listen the DHCP on Ports (WDS Port & DHCP Ports are same so you must execute this registry change),…………… WDSUTIL /Set-Server … Read more