Two Best Links for Low to High SCCM 2012

I feel Below two are the most useful and important links for SCCM 2012 Scenarios and Solutions Using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Site Administration for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

CAS Vs Primary Vs Secondary Site – SCCM 2012

This post helps you to undetstand about SCCM CAS site VS Primary Site vs Secondary Site For SCCM 2007 Use this link   Ms Link   Below is FOR SCCM 2012:-   Use the following table to help you plan the type of sites that you might require in your hierarchy. Server Purpose More information … Read more

Sample Scenario Based Design – SCCM 2012

Scenario 1: Remote Office Optimization The remote office optimization scenario demonstrates an implementation of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager that reduces the administrative overhead required for managing information flow across the network. Current Situation The customer has a simple Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy of one primary site with two secondary sites that include a warehouse and a remote … Read more

SCCM Drivers Management best Practices

The original article is here – read here more on Driver types Drivers can very broadly be split into two categories: Good Drivers: Drivers which come in an inf/sys/cat format and can be installed on systems easily Bad Drivers: Drivers which come with a setup program and must be installed (common examples are laptop … Read more

SCCM 2012 Free tools

Infrastructure and Client  Management Johan Arwidmark ConfigMgr R2 Hydration Kit – Mikael Nyström System center Hydration Kit – Startup Script – Right Click tools – Right click took – Client Center – David’s Inventory Script PowerShell – Garth’s Inventory Script vbSript – CM12Healthcheck toolkit – ConfigMgr 2012 Registration Request – PowerShell Right Click tools – … Read more

Export the task sequence SCCM 2012 to XML format (legacy format of sccm 2007)

Export the task sequence SCCM 2012 to XML format (legacy format of sccm 2007) SCCM 2012 task sequences can be exported in .zip format and when we handle/extract it will not work. Below is only applicable from sccm 2012 SP1 and above With help of Power shell we can extract this in XML format.   … Read more