Sample CCR File

[NT Client Configuration Request]   Machine Name=System1   Domain=Mydomain   IP Address 1=   IP Address 2=   IP Address 3=   IP Address 4=   IP Address 5=   IP Address 6=   IP Address 7=   IP Address 8=   IP Address 9=   IP Address 10= [IP Address ]   IP Address 1=   IP Address 2=   IP Address 3=   IP Address 4=   IP Address 5=   … Read more

Windows Firewall Ports & Exceptions

  To modify the ports and programs permitted by Windows Firewall: On the computer running Windows Firewall, open Control Panel. Right-click Windows Firewall and click Open. On the Exceptions tab of the Windows Firewall Settings dialog box, select enable any required exceptions in the list box, or Click Add Program or Add Port to create … Read more

What are the components I can see after client installation?

  We can see below folders and control panel applets after client installation We can see below folders While installation:-             For X64 bit OS è %Windir%ccmsetup           For X86 Bit OSè %Windir%System32ccmsetup After installation Folders: è           For X64 bit OS è %Windir%SysWOW64ccm           For X86 Bit OSè %Windir%System32ccm We can see below … Read more

SMS 2003 Client Health : GP Based Script

Source:-   Overview Workstation Client Health maintenance is a continuous process that must be maintained. The following document gives an overview on how to fix several common workstation issues. CliFix GPO startup script :- Can be downloaded from here In an effort to reduce the amount of common workstation issues I have developed a … Read more

Computers in Workgroups

Configuration Manager 2007 provides support for clients in workgroups. It is also supported for a client to be moved from a workgroup to a domain or from a domain to a workgroup. To support workgroup clients, the following requirements must be met: 1. During client installation, the logged-on user must possess local administrator rights on … Read more

Unsupported Client Platforms

Unsupported Client PlatformsThe Configuration Manager client is not supported on any operating system prior to Windows 2000 Service Pack 4. Installing the Configuration Manager client is explicitly not supported on the following operating system versions:  Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Millennium Edition Windows XP Media Center Edition Windows XP Starter Edition Windows XP Home … Read more