"+" In AutoCAD files not able to Download at client side

This can be fixed with……….   investigated this and turns out this is an IIS request filtering issue with urls containing “+” character. Basically you get a 404.11 error since the url is double encoded. The following KB article presents a workaround to set “allowDoubleEscaping” to true. Note that by default this is disabled and … Read more

What kind of Data Will be flow between the Sites

  Child sites send the following information to their direct parent sites: Discovery information Inventory information Site control information Status messages The Data collected from a child site to a parent site are listed here: Discovery data records (DDRs) Inventory data License balancing data Site control files Status messages The Data passed from a parent … Read more

What is a Central Site?

  A central site has no parent site. Typically, a central site has child and grandchild sites and aggregates all of their client information to provide centralized management and reporting. A site with no parent and no child site is still called a central site although it is also referred to as a stand-alone site. … Read more