Choose SCCM DP Vs Secondary site Vs BDP

1) Implementing the Secondary site Pros:-     Ø  Traffic  can be compressed/ Scheduled/Throttled & rate limit on the  address Ø  Secondary sites do not require additional Configuration Manager 2007 server licenses. Ø  Secondary sites do not require an additional SQL Server database at the secondary site. Ø  Clients can be managed across a slow network … Read more

What and Where you can control the Network Bandwidth

Ok.. Now you want to know here are all the bandwidth can be controlled in SCCM   Package Movement Bandwidth Control Uses Binary Differential Replication? From package source directory to site server None. No From site server to standard distribution point None. Yes From parent site server to child site server Bandwidth controlled by Address … Read more

SCCM Senders End to End

Senders can be configured on only Primary and Secondary sites, the use of senders are instead, senders use existing network connectivity to manage the connection, ensure the integrity of transferred data, recover from errors, and close the connection when it is no longer needed. Types of Senders : 6 types 1) Standard Sender The standard … Read more