sysprep a windows 2003 R2 image, follow the  below: Insert CD1 go to select everything and extract them to c:sysprep ( a folder that you have created it) Double click sysprep.exe. Keep the default settings (Options un-selected, shutdown mode: shutdown) click on Reseal And press Ok

SYSPREP for 2k3

When working with Virtual Machines, Sysprep is a real timesaver. You can, on a virtual machine, install several configurations of servers (SMS 2003, SQL or SCCM or vNext, etc), sysprep the images, and then have these pre-configured images ready to deploy to a VPC or any Vcenter  installation when needed, by just copying the appropriate … Read more

Sysprep parameters

Sysprep parameters You can use the following optional parameters with the Sysprep command in Windows XP: -activated – Do not reset the grace period for Windows product activation. Use this parameter only if you have activated the Windows installation in the factory.Important The product key that you use to activate the Windows installation must match … Read more