Tools and Utilities for ConfigMgr / SCCM 2007 Including beta's


  • SccmAutoDoc Kim Oppalfens, who is a SCCM MVP, has released a neat utility called SccmAutoDoc. SccmAutoDoc is a command line utility that automatically documents an SCCM site into a human-readable form with minimal user input. Only the useful information is included, as opposed to items that are largely used internally.

  • SMSNotify SMSNotify, by myITforum member Dan Thompson, presents the user with an informative screen that lets them know a package will install at a scheduled time and allows the user to postpone the installation for a future time. Many, many other features and options.

  • ENGL ZwlancfgENGL. ENGL Zwlancfg is a tool that simplifies the unattended deployment of Microsoft wireless network settings to Windows XP and Vista machines. Profiles can be created, deleted, exported and imported. Zwlancfg can be run from the command line or from the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Task Sequence Plugin.

  • ConfigMgr Branch DP Addddelgado1 on CodePlex. BDPAdd is a tool that will bulk add protected branch distribution points to a ConfigMgr 2007 (SCCM) hierarchy. There is currently not a way, in the ConfigMgr console, to add multiple protected Branch distribution points at once. This tools attempts to address that problem. (Note: The tool could be easily modified, if needed, to add unprotected branch DPs. I needed protected Branch DPs though, so that's what I wrote this for.

  • ConfigMgr Site Bound Toolddelgado1 on CodePlex. SiteBound is a tool that allows bulk addition of boundaries to ConfigMgr (SCCM ) sites. Adding boundaries through the ConfigMgr console can be tedious if adding more than a handful. Previously for SMS 2003 there was the Siteboun.exe tool which solved this problem, however, to my knowledge there is not a version of this tool available for ConfigMgr 2007. If there is, then oh well I still learned something.

  • Coretech SCCM Manager – FreewareCoretech A/S
    Formerly known as "Coretech Application Creator for SCCM" This utility is developed based on many years of experience with Microsoft System Management Server now System Center Configuration Manager. Our mission is to streamline every aspect of the package creation process thus making the daily administration of the system smarter. In the latest version you’ll also find functionality to prestage computers and configure variables used in the image deployment process.

  • ConfigMgr MP Policy CheckerVincent Dipippo – I have written a tool that will allow you to select a policy and then check that policy via HTTP pulls to all of the MPs. The tool is multi-threaded for performance and works well in large environment.

  • 1E Migration Tool – This tool is designed to allow an SMS Administrator to Migrate all or selected packages and programs from his SMS environment into a System Center Configuration Management (ConfigMgr) environment. The tool has the following features: The Migration of Package and Program details along with source files; Renaming of Package and Program names during migration; Direct transfer of packages from your SMS site to ConfigMgr; Export to flat file structure from SMS site and Import into ConfigMgr from flat file; Exporting of SMSNomad command line settings to new ConfigMgr Nomad tab settings.

  • ConfigMgr Collection Query Rule Embedded Reference Checker – The tool enumerates all existing site codes, collections, and query rules on that server. It then uses regular expressions to detect probable collection references (i.e. any site code followed by 5 hex digits). There is also a special case for the built-in collections, which do not correspond to a site code (starting instead with SMS) and do not conform to the strict standard for user-created collections (e.g. SMSDM001, SMS000GS, etc.) Finally, it cross-references those collection IDs to the actual list of collections and includes them by ID and name for review. Any collection ID that is found in a rule but not in the collections enumerated from the server is reported as "**** Unknown ****". You can search the output for this to identify bad references.

  • ConfigMgr Package Distribution Health Browser – While the console is quite functional in checking the distribution status of packages in general, I wrote a tool that helps administrators zero in on package replication issues much more quickly. First, it accesses the associated views in the database directly, which makes it much faster to get at this information than the console, which is a front-end to the ConfigMgr WMI provider. Second, it offers some sorting and filtering options that highlight the replication issues much more efficiently than reviewing the total status for every package individually.

  • 1E's Service Window Provides a graphical interface that allows an administrative user to view, add, edit and delete maintenance windows (service windows) on a selected target computer. Maintenance windows define times during which Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007(ConfigMgr) can apply advertisements and software update deployments to the specified computer. If no windows are specified then the computer can receive advertisements at any time. Administrators may assign advertisements outside any maintenance windows irrespective of what has been set.

  • Collection Commander 1.3.1 by Roger Zander

    Initiate SMS 2003 advanced client actions on a collection: Ping,WakeUp,HW/SW Inventory,ReRun Advertisements,Show logged on user,Download/Refresh Policy,Repair SMS Agents,Import Clients to the Collection.

  • SMS Server Tools 0 2 2By Bernard White

    Suite of 7 tools including: 1. Management Point Ping (mpping.exe), 2. Site Information (siteinfo.exe), 3. Package Information (pkginfo.exe), 4. Distribution Point Mod (dpmod.exe), 5. Site Control File Check (scfcheck.exe), 6. Site Services (sitesvc.exe), 7. Collection Membership (cmember.exe). For more info see:

  • SCCM 2007 GUID assistant by Greg Ramsey

    Use this utility on a TEST SCCM 2007 site to help you identify the desired GUID required to extend the SCCM 2007 console.

  • SMS Site Status SideBar Gadget by fmerizalde130

    This is the first of several Windows Vista SideBar Gadgets for providing SMSSCCM information. This gadget, once configured will provide SMS Site Status.

  • Program files application Blocker by rtruss

    A small util to add blank files to the program files dir and remove permissions for local administrators, everyone and users groups and then add domain admins and whatever group you would like to add as well.

  • Dell Client Configuration Utility (DCCU)

    Dell Client Configuration Utility (DCCU) is an application that you can use to obtain or configure BIOS settings. You can also restart or shut down the system or flash the BIOS with DCCU.

  • SMSMap

    Create Visio drawings of any combination of ConfigMgr 2007 and SMS 2003 Site Servers. Source: Tondware

  • Enhanced System Discovery 2007 by System Center Tools

    Provides a number of capabilities to improve your level of integration and synchronization with Active Directory.

  • InventoryManager 2007 by Dudeworks

    Inventory Manager (INVMAN) allows administrators to easily extend, customize and edit asset inventory for System Center Configuration Manager 2007 and SMS 2003.

  • ConfigMgr Branch Distribution Point Bulk Add Tool CodePlex Project

    BDPAdd is a tool that will bulk add protected branch distribution points to a ConfigMgr 2007 (SCCM) hierarchy. There is currently not a way, in the ConfigMgr console, to add multiple protected Branch distribution points at once. This tools attempts to address that problem.

  • SMS/SCCM Peer2Peer AddOn by Roger Zander

    SMSTorrent is a Peer2Peer AddOn for SMS2003/SCCM2007 Clients. SMS/SCCM Clients are able to share the local Package cache with other Clients using the BitTorrent filesharing protocol.

  • MIFCheck – MIFChecker allows you to verify a .MIF file (SMS 2.0 inventory file) for errors.

  • Right-click Collection Listing by Matt Hudson

    Right click on a computer or user and see what collection that resource is in as well as what maintanence window is associated with it.

  • SCAP Conversion Tool for Desired Configuration Manager Microsoft

    The SCAP Conversion Tool for DCM converts Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) files into DCM Configuration Packs and indicates gaps in a log file that can result from the conversion process. Use the Configuration Packs in combination with the desired configuration management (DCM) feature in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 to monitor compliance with the SCAP baseline.

  • WQL Analyzer – Browse classes, properties, qualifiers; run WQL queries (locally or remotely); save results as XML or HTML; connect to remote computer; export class description to XML or HTML; automatically generate the "SELECT" query (double click on class name).


  • Verify AMT certificatesSteve Rachui's Manageability blog. The CertValidator.vbs utility is designed to run on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 servers.



Configuration Packs


  • SCCM 2007 Capacity Planner

    Here is an updated Capacity Planner to work with SCCM 2007. This is not fully completed as it is a work in progress. But it has updated terminology and hardware recommendations which may be helpful to some people. The bandwidth used calculations are not updated although you can manipulate the data to give an estimation.

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