Windows XP to Windows 7 -task Sequence High Level

These are the some high level steps in the Task Sequence.

use USMT=>request store=>run additional commands like taking backup of some applications..may be Lotus notesècapture user state/scan state èrelease state storeèdisable bitlocker if activatedèset Migration Flag to MigratedèStart System in PEè Partition Diskèactivate/Enable AHCIèEnable or Set BIOS password è Enable TMP for Bitlocker pre-requirementèRestart Computer èActivate TPMèrestart ComputerèRemove Bios PasswordèApply OSèwindows SettingsèNetwork SettingsèApply Drivers(use WQL or Thin Installer or HP SoftPaq or Dynamic Drivers Apply with CAB File packagesèSetup SCCM ClientèFix any issues related to SCCM Client like run auto discovery of site codeèBIOS version check and updateèrestartèinstall Few Runtime app’s like Adobe Flash/Shockwave/or any softwaresè install other apps like fonts/AV/Adobe/VPNClient/Customise Settings like Branding/look and feelèSet USMT Store options with /config: config.xml fileèRequest state StoreèRestore user storeèrun any custom configs like Lotus Notesèreleases state Storeè Enable Bitlocker encryption/Prepare Bitlocker Partition(c:windowssystem32bdeHDcfg.exe -target default –quiet)èInstall any updatesèFinal Restart.

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