You need to know this by end –to end

  below is a sample and I am making up this for final Just pushing out from my inbox that’s alll Hierarchy Limitation of SCCM Adding a secondary site to a primary site Sender limitations for packages SCCM Console Not connection
SCCM Services
SCCM Client Services
Discovery – DDR record Boundary – IP Subnets vs AD Site name
Site to Site communications MP Problem DP Problem RP Problem OSD Problem
WOL Problem
WOL Configuration WOL Unicast Vs SubNet broad Cast methods Native Mode Configuration Installing SCCM on Windows Server 2008
Office 2007 Deployment With SCCM
MSI packaging Story
Inboxes Checks
Daily Checks
Weekly Checks
Backup and Recovery Multicasting on DP OSD Advantages SMS 2003 to SCCM 2007 Migration 1) In place 2) Side by side 3) In place upgrade on new Hardware Site Code auto detect problem Schema extending and publishing IE Important products Branch Distribution Point Vs Nomand Branch DP Night Watchman Vs SCCM R3 Power management or WOL SCCM WOL Vs IE WOL Client Installation Methods Site Maintenance Obsolete Clients Delete Old H/w and S/w or S/w Metering Inventory date Backup Configure After backup no_sms_on_drive.sms file Collections:- Software Distribution:- Program Package Distribution Points Software Updates:- Search Folder Update List Severity Required Installed Suppressed Expired Every month releases License review Review and accept Update List merge or Master Update List / Cleaning up Update List Deployment Templates Deployment Management Deployment Packages Sync Software update:- OSD: Boot Images:- Computer Association Reference Computer WIM Install packages Operating system Images Task Sequences Drivers Driver packages Unprovisioned Computers
Task Sequence MDT Integration AI:- How to enable AI What are the Catalogs? Software metering Reports SQL Web Based Reports SQL Reporting Service point Limitation of Reporting Point WQL Vs SQL DCM CI Types Base Lines Remediation Collections Query(s) Site Status Components status Auditing for modification on the console by user / team / group /site View audit messages based on Packages and Advertisements Security Delegation for Users & Groups User /Groups Accounts used in SCCM/SMS Using the Site ConfigMgr Service manager and starting and stopping the components Client Issues: Client Supporting Third-party tools Client Side log Files General Reports:- SMS_Def.MOF Vs Configuration.Mof Scripts:- Client Installation Scripts Ping Scripts Inboxes Checks Script Inboxes Bad files delete Script
Psexec.exe Sample Ticketing Tool:- IBM Maximo Link & User Name and Password

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