ADST and AD Daily health Checks

 Active Directory Snapshot Tool (ADST) ADST tools is the one like MBSA it checks everything about AD healthchecks. Below are the complete tools for AD health checks

AD Convergence Daily
DCDiag – General Daily
FRS Convergence Daily
Performance Info Daily
Replication Status Daily
Account Policies Weekly
Backup Status Weekly
Database Info Weekly
DCDiag – DNS Weekly
DNSLint Weekly
DNS Information Weekly
Event Logs Weekly
Exchange DSAccess Weekly
GPOTool Weekly
IP Information Weekly
Large Groups Weekly
OS Information Weekly
Replication Configuration Weekly
Site Configuration Weekly
Subnet Information Weekly
SYSVOL Information Weekly
Time Configuration Weekly
WINS 1B and 1C Weekly
AD Object Count Monthly
Forest / Domain Information Monthly
Machine Account Info Monthly
Orphaned GPTs Monthly
Partition ACLs Monthly
Security Updates Monthly
Unlinked GPOs Monthly
User Account Info Monthly
Account Lockouts As needed
ADST Dependencies As needed


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