Batteries recommended

SEMI – TUBULAR Batteries – These are Modified Versions of Automotive Batteries and are Designed for Inverter Applications .. They come with 18 Months Replacement Warranty + Some Rebate for the Next 6 months if battery Fails and Average Life of these Batteries is 3 years..These Batteries Need Topping of Distilled Water once in 3 4 Months . Models  Recommended  by us :- EXIDE INVERTER + Series /  SF POWERBOX Series. ( 18 Months Replacement + next 6 Months 50% Rebate ) TUBULAR Batteries :-  These are the Batteries which are Specially Designed for Inverters , UPS & Telecom Purpose where Continuos Current is Required at the Time of Power Failure .. The Plates in the Batteries are Very Thick which gives you Excellent Power Back up and Life .. They Usually come with 2 Yrs & 3 Yrs Replacement Warranty and average Life of these Batteries is 5 -7 Years..there is no smell or fumes from these batteries and maintainance is required only once in 6-8 months

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