Do you hate ConfigMgr / SCCM on below situation??? I hate them

  1. PKI and the DMZ
  2. Locating and repairing broken clients (SCCM and WSUS)
  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if the ‘copy package to new distribution point’ wizard could alphabetize the distribution points?
  4. The AI reports (License 14A for example) don’t work very well with some license keys.  Bugs from MS, wont be fixed until Windows 8. 
  5. OSD/TS process isn’t documented very well from MS
  6. when you have the potential to lose log files and not see what went wrong when.
  7. Slow console!!
  8. App-V Integration in SCCM
  9. Migration Tools-
  10. There is no Microsoft supported migration tool to export packages from SMS to SCCM.
  11. Unable to fix broken Config Manager clients (most of the time) via the SCCM Console
  12. SCCM Client cache (C:WindowsSystem32ccmcache) does not get cleared automatically after a client reaches its cache limit (5GB) 
  13. WQL/SQL…
  14. OSD….not reliably PXE booting into OSD every time …Then after clearing advertisement and reboot, will boot into OSD just fine
  15. Lacking the ability to create collections using SQL.
  16. usmt, usb hard discs not being supported, pxe boot slow
  17. Windows Embedded Systems Management
  18. 3rd Party patching
  19. Anything involving Native-mode and PKI.
  20. Client Health

software updates

  1. The ability to postpone the reboot after the installation of updates(SUP).
  2. The WSUS categories are not granular enough => You select Windows XP and you receive updates for Internet explorer.

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