How to exclude SCCM Client Push on Specific Systems or Ou’s?

The common question i get from my dears is how to prevent installing the client Push deployment on few business critical systems or some ou’s.. The Answer is you can achieve this in multiple ways..   1)  by exclude that OU from discovery 2) Don’t use Client PUsh 3) Remove Client Push account or site server account from the local administrators Group on those systems 4) Create a file called ccmsetup on all those systems (Path %windir%system32)   Ok for the first option here are the steps
1. Open the Windows Registry Editor on the Configuration Manager 2007 site server that hosts the site that you want to exclude a computer from joining. 2. Locate the SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER sub-key by browsing to the following path: · For a 32-bit operating system: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/SMS/Components/SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER · For a 64-bit operating system: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Wow6432Node/Microsoft/SMS/Components/SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER 3. To enter the name of the computers you want to exclude, double-click the key ExcludeServers to open the Edit Multi-String window. 4. In the Edit Multi-String window, specify the NetBIOS name of each computer you want to exclude. Press the Enter key after typing each computer name to ensure that each computer name appears on a separate line. 5. After you have entered the computer names of computers you wish to exclude, click OK. Close the Registry Editor window

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