Install drivers by computer model using WMI query

When using task sequence, you might want to install different driver packages for different computer models. This can be accomplished by using a WMI query. First of all you need to have driver packages for all your computer models and know the exact model name for every computer. To find this, open a command prompt and type WMIC ComputerSystem GET Model (use this command on every computer to find it’s model). Then, Edit your task sequence. Add how many steps you need with “Apply Driver Package”. Select the driver package you have created for a certain computer model (HP dc5700 in my case). Apply Driver Package In the Options tab, click Add Condition and select Query WMI. In the WMI Query Properties window, make you sure you have rootcimv2 as WMI Namespace and write the following query in the WMI Query input box: SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Model LIKE “%dc5700%” for HP Compaq dc5700 computer models. WMI Query Now, for every driver package, replace the model name with the computer model name the driver package is for. This way, the task sequence will install the correct drivers on every computer that will match the model specified in the query and will skip other steps sending the following status message: “The task sequence execution engine skipped the action (HP Compaq dc5700) in the group (Apply driver packages) because the condition was evaluated to be false”.

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