Life cycle end of life dates

On July 14, 2015 Microsoft Windows 2003 SP2 Extended Support will go End of Life (in the same way Windows XP desktop will on the April 8, 2014) Win 2003 server has been in Extended Support mode since July 13, 2010.  Extended Support allows us to receive security patches and support from Microsoft, however, bug fixes are no longer being released.   On 14th July 2015 all support will stop. It is likely Microsoft will offer Custom Support Agreements after 7/14/2015 that will enable an account to continue to receive security patches and support. Microsoft will announce CSA availability and pricing 12 months prior to the EOL date.  CSAs will be very expensive and can only be implemented on an account basis and they are specific to servers. 
Life cycle end of life dates
– Windows Server 2003 :       End of Life date : July 14, 2015
– Windows Server 2008 :       End of Life date : Jan 14, 2020             
– Windows Server 2012:        End of Life date : Jan 10, 2023

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