MP Error "Failed to get WebDAV settings on the machine (0x80070003)" in Windows 2008

<01-05-2010 08:48:45>         ======== Completed Installion of Pre Reqs for Role SMSMP ========
<01-05-2010 08:48:45> Installing the SMSMP
<01-05-2010 08:48:45> Passed OS version check.
<01-05-2010 08:48:45> IIS Service is installed.
<01-05-2010 08:48:45> checking WebDAV configuraitons
<01-05-2010 08:48:45> Failed to get WebDAV settings on the machine (0x80070003)
<01-05-2010 08:48:53> ====================================================================

To install and configure WebDAV for IIS 7.0 to support management point and BITS-enabled distribution point site system computers

  1. Depending on your server operating system platform, download either the x86 or x64 version of WebDAV from:
  2. Depending on which version was downloaded, run either the webdav_x86_rtw.msi or the webdav_x64_rtw.msi file to install WebDAV IIS 7.0 extensions.
  3. Enable WebDAV and create an Authoring Rule, as follows:
    1. Navigate to Start / All Programs / Administrative Tools / Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager to start Internet Information Services 7 Application Server Manager. In Server Manager, select the Features node, and click Add Features to start the Add Features Wizard.
    2. In the Connections pane, expand the Sites node in the navigation tree, and then click Default Web Site if you are using the default Web site for the site system or SMSWEB if you are using a custom Web site for the site system.
    3. In the Features View, double-click WebDAV Authoring Rules.
    4. When the WebDAV Authoring Rules page is displayed, in the Actions pane, click Enable WebDAV.
    5. After WebDAV has been enabled, in the Actions pane, click Add Authoring Rule.
    6. In the Add Authoring Rule dialog box, under Allow access to, click All content.
    7. Under Allow access to this content to, click All users.
    8. Under Permissions, click Read, and then click OK.
  4. Change the property behavior as follows:
    1. In the WebDAV Authoring Rules page, in the Actions pane, click WebDAV Settings.
    2. In the WebDAV Settings page, under Property Behavior, set Allow anonymous property queries to True.
    3. Set Allow Custom Properties to False.
    4. Set Allow property queries with infinite depth to True.
    5. If this is a BITS-enabled distribution point, under WebDAV Behavior, set Allow hidden files to be listed to True.
    6. In the Action pane, click Apply.
  5. Close Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

To add Remote Differential Compression for site server and branch distribution point computers

In Server Manager, on the Features node, click Add Features to start the Add Features Wizard.

  1. On the Select Features page, select Remote Differential Compression, and then click Next.
  2. Complete the rest of the wizard.
  3. Close Server Manager.
Issue 2:
<01-10-2010 05:20:29> Installing the SMSMP
<01-10-2010 05:20:29> Passed OS version check.
<01-10-2010 05:20:29> IIS Service is installed.
<01-10-2010 05:20:29> checking WebDAV configuraitons
<01-10-2010 05:20:30>  WebDAV settings is not setup appropriately
<01-10-2010 05:20:30>  [Allow property queries with infinite depth] should be true (false)
<01-10-2010 05:20:30>  [Allow Custom Properties] should be false (true)
<01-10-2010 05:20:30>  [Allow anonymous property queries] should be true (false)
<01-10-2010 05:20:30>  Allow [All users read access to All content] authoring rule should exist (exist)
I fixed the problem. The settings were setup OK but for some reason they were not been recognized by the WebDAV component. What I did was open and edit the C:WindowsSystem32inetsrvconfigschemaWEBDAV_schema.xml file. The following parameters were changed:

<element name="properties">
      <attribute name="allowAnonymousPropfind" type="bool" defaultValue="true" />
      <attribute name="allowInfinitePropfindDepth" type="bool" defaultValue="true" />
      <attribute name="allowCustomProperties" type="bool" defaultValue="false" />

After that, I restarted the service SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER and the log shows: "SMS Site Component Manager successfully installed this component on this site system.". I will wait to see if all components change to OK status.

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