Query Criterion Values

String Values

You must specify the exact string that the query will use to evaluate the expression — do not use quotation marks unless they are part of the string. For relational operators that perform LIKE comparisons ("is like" or "is not like"), you can use wildcard characters within the string. You can use the following wildcards.

Wildcard Description
% Any string of zero or more characters
_ (underscore) Any single character
[] Any single character within the range or set (for example [a-f] or [abcdef])
[^] Any single character not within the specified range (for example [^a-f] or [^abcdef])

Date and Time Values

You must enter a date that the query can use to evaluate the expression. This value must be entered according to the units that are specified by the date and time operator. For example, if you use the "year is after" operator, you would enter the year by using four digits (for example, 2002). When you write queries by using Configuration Manager 2007 Query Builder, you can express the date and time in any valid SQL format. For more information, see the SQL Server documentation.

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