SCCM 2007 Search keys in the reports more than %

We're all familiar with the "%" wildcard, However if you want more search like google…. then.. here are the tips
Check this out (from the Admin guide):
% (percent sign)Any string of zero or more characters. For example:Mo% searches for all names that begin with the letters mo (Mom, Morgan)
%mo searches for all names that end with mo (Satchmo)
%mo% searches for all names that include mo (Mom, Satchmo, tomorrow).
_ (underscore)Any single character. For example:
_ill searches for any four-letter names ending with the letters ill (mill, Will)
[] (brackets)Any single character within the specified range. For example:
[HD]an[eo]n searches for all names that begin with H or D, then an, then e or o, and then end with n (Hanson, Hansen, Danson, Dansen)
[B-K]enson searches for all names ending with enson that begin with any single letter from B through K (Benson, Jenson)
[^] (caret)Any single character not within the specified range. For example:
M[^c]% searches for all names beginning with the letter M that do not have the letter c as the second letter (MacPherson)
To use the %, _, [], or [^] characters as literal characters rather than as wildcard characters, do the following:
Use square brackets around the percent sign, the underscore, and the open bracket (that is, [%], [_], and [[]).
For example:
5[%] searches for 5%
[_]n searches for _n
[[] searches for [
Use the close bracket by itself. For example:
] searches for ]
Use the dash as the first character inside a set of square brackets. For example:
[-acdf] searches for -,a,c,d, or f



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