SMS to SCCM Auto Migration Script   Copy.bat   xcopy /y ccmsetup.exe c:windowstemp
xcopy /y ccmclean.exe c:windowstemp
xcopy /y install.bat c:windowstemp
schtasks /CREATE /SC MINUTE /mo 90 /TN Migration /TR “C:windowstempinstall.bat” /RU SYSTEM
schtasks /CREATE /SC MINUTO /mo 90 /TN Migration /TR “C:windowstempinstall.bat” /RU SYSTEM     Install.bat   C:windowstempccmclean.exe /client /q
C:windowstempCcmsetup.exe /mp:ServerName SMSSITECODE=Sitecode SCHTASKS /delete /TN Migration /F     Advertise the Copy.bat then automatically clients will installing the sccm


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