Customisations.vbs – Sample 1

‘**************************************************************************** ‘*  Name: Customisations.vbs ‘* ‘*  Description:  This script is used to perform the following functions: ‘*                    – Carry out Final Customisations ‘* ‘**************************************************************************** ‘**************************************************************************** ‘ Declare Objects & Variables ‘**************************************************************************** ‘Set Option Explicit Option Explicit ‘Set System to ignore errors and continue On Error Resume … Read more

SQL query for packages and Source path of the packages

Below is the SQL query for a Task sequence ID” ‘CE100053’” with referenced packages and Source path of the packages SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT ps.Name AS C062, ps.SourceVersion, ps.SourceDate, ps.Targeted AS NumberOfDPsTargeted0, ps.Installed AS NumberOfDPsInstalled0,                       ps.Retrying AS NumberOfDPsRetrying0, ps.Failed AS NumberOfDPsFailed0, ps.SourceSite, ps.SourceSize, ps.SourceCompressedSize, ps.PackageID,                       dbo.v_Package.PkgSourcePath AS [Pkg Source Path] FROM         (SELECT DISTINCT … Read more