Troubleshooting:Ride of PXE Boot aborted

Troubleshooting:Ride of Pxeabord message The first approch would be ….Cleare the PXE advertisement from the collection or by selecting the computer " Clear Last PXE Advertisement" If you still get the abort message like below then…
Downloaded WDSNBP Architecture: x64 The details below show the information relating to the PXE boot request for this computer. Please provide these details to your Windows Deployment Services Administrator so that this request can be approved. Pending Request ID: 45 Contacting Server: TFTP Download: PXE Boot aborted. Booting to next device… Deleting the advertisement and re-advertising it
Restarting WDS and DHCP service
Restarting SCCM server
if not reimport the information to the colllection by direct membership method or computer association option -Hope this help you


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