From Windows 2003 Sp2 RIS is renamed to WDS. With WDS have many advantages compared with RIS. To install WDS on a Windows Server 2003 SP2 you only need to add the component from “Add or Remove Programsimage Once Installed Open the WDS Console From Administrator TOOLS   image   On the WDS console, expand Servers, right click on the WDS server and click on Configure Server.   Read the requirements once before you click next.   Choose the Remote Installation Folder location on other drive. The folder contains the boot images, install images, so make sure this drive has enough space to hold the data. Click on Next.   Select Respond to all client computers (known and unknown). Click on Next.   Adding Boot Images Before creating a complete image to be deployed with WDS, we need to add first a Windows Pre-Installation image (WindowsPE). With this image we provide the server with a pre installation environment needed for all installations. WindowsPE comes, as all the new operating systems, in a WIM format, included in the Vista or Windows 2008 installation media. 1 – To add the image, expand the server options on the console and on the “Boot Images” select “Add Boot Image”. Remember that this WindowsPE that we are adding will be the same for all the operating systems that we are going to use with WDS. WDS Paddy Maddy 2 – Select “Browse” and check on the Vista or Windows 2008 installation media for the folder “Sources” and the file “boot.wim”. This is our WindowsPE. WDS Paddy Maddy 3 – Select the name for this image and click on “NextWDS Paddy Maddy Note: You can also use, of course, the x64 WindowsPE. Will be discussing it later. 4 – Review the summary and click on “Next”.
Note:- The boot.wim file can be found under folder named Sources Folder Under the Windows 7 / Vista/8 Setup DVD. Select boot.wim and click on Open.   Now Adding the Install WIM file: taking as example for Windows Vista   Here are the steps (again, you have to use the Vista installation media): 1 – On the WDS console, right click on “Install Images” and select “Add Image GroupWDS Paddy Maddy 2 – Select the name that you are going to use for this group. For Example: VistaInstallation. WDS Paddy Maddy 3 – Right click on “Install Images” again and select “Add Install Image”. When the wizard starts select to use the group you’ve just created and click “Next”. WDS Paddy Maddy 4 – On the next window, browse the Vista media for the folder “Sources” and select the file “install.wim” and click “NextWDS Paddy Maddy 5 – Since the Vista installations always include all the versions on the same file, we should select only the one that apply for our case. In my case, Windows Vista Ultimate. Click “NextWDS Paddy Maddy 6 – On the summary window click “Next” and the image will start to upload to your server.
IT Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90LfNNUqspg
https://blogs.technet.com/b/danstolts/archive/2010/03/11/deploy-windows-7-the-easy-way-using-wds-mdt-and-aik-step-by-step-video.aspx https://prajwaldesai.com/deploying-windows-7-using-windows-deployment-services/ https://prajwaldesai.com/installing-and-configuring-windows-deployment-services/

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