What is in V.Next Currently : The Next version of ConfigMgr 2007

  What is in V.Next Currently : The Next version of ConfigMgr 2007

1.   RBAC – Role Based Access security 2.   Can only install x64 Windows platform 3.   No ASP Based Reports all gone to SQL Server Reporting Services (SQL 2008 with SP1 64 Bit Only Supported) 4.   MMC Changed – MMC replaced with System Center UI Framework 5.   Site Systems Require the .NET Framework 4   Also below terminology changed when compared to ConfigMgr 2007 vs V.Next  

Configuration Manager 2007 Configuration Manager v.Next
Package Application
Program Deployment type
Advertisement Deployment
Collection rules Requirement rules and global conditions
Run Advertised Programs Software Center
None User device affinity
Program Download Monitor Software Center

Infrastructure Changes in V.Next:

ü  Client agent settings configurable by collection ü  In the Console you can get Alerts and can configure the thresholds ü  In One Word you can reduce the Secondary sites and DP’s: o    You can now apply bandwidth Throttling to DP’s directly instead of Secondary Sites, this is reducing the number of Secondary Sites required in the Desging of Hirarchy. o     Also Now V.NEXT can reduce the Number of DP’s as Windows 7 has P2P feature called Branch Cache ü  File processing occurs once at the Primary Site and uses replication to reach other sites (no more reprocessing at each site in the hierarchy which saves your WAN cost) ü  ConfigMgr have DP groups this is Improved and changed to “State-based” DP Groups: o    Content can be added automatically / remove from DPs based on Groups membership and this Tags with the Collections Now for better management of Software Targets   Client Health Changes in V.Next:

                For the First time ConfigMgr Team has concentrated Remediation for Client  pre requirement and Client health in automate way. Thanks to the Team                                 Pre requirements checks
                                Client re-installation
                                WMI Issues and Windows related Services
                                also you can get the Complete Health / Unhealthy Information in the Console in one shot                                 Software Updates Changes in V.Next:

Update Groups will be used for automatic Patching deployment where this will integrated with the collections to reduce the rework of patching and administrator steps, also you can deploy Updates as Individually. Instead of normal search folders now you have an option for search criteria to identify class of updates to automatically deploy based on KB, bulletin ID and what not…. OSD Changes in V.Next

ü  For existing Capture Images if you want to add some drivers or update the capture Image without actually deploying then you use a feature called Offline Servicing of Images with V.Next ü  You can create Images with more interactive options with Task Sequences with the help of HTA hooks in Boot Images Remote Control Changes in V.Next

Now Remote control Tools has focused for CTRL+ALT+DEL  option and many as below ü  You can take  control of locket system ü  You can take switch the users ü  You can take the control from login screen.   Mobile Device Management Changes in V.Next
MDM 2008 and ConfigMgr 2007 options are in one place available in V.Next Console J

ü  Now V.Next can support cross mobile Devices also ü  Devices can be Monitor and remediate and Secure over the air                 DCM Changes in V.Next has more improved for remediation’s to identify the baseline configurations, You can define SLA to get the alerts in Console   This is my second post on V.Next

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