WSH Scripting Tools

“WSH Scripting Tools
WSH Scripting Tools
ProductDescriptionProgrammer / ManufacturerDownloadPurchase
Admin Script EditorEditoriTripoli
ADSI ScriptomaticADSI query generatorScripting GuysFree
AxScripterIDEIEInspector Software LLC
BrineSoft Script EditorEditorBrineSoft
CodeLobsterEditorCodeLobster Software
EditPad LiteEditorJGSoftFree for non-commercial use
EditPad ProEditorJGSoft
HtaEditHTA editor/IDEAdersoft
HTA GeneratorHTA template generatorJ. LibensonFree
HTA HelpomaticHTA code generatorScripting GuysFree
(validation required)
JsEditJScript editor/IDEAdersoft
KS-Soft WMI ExplorerWMI browserKS-SoftFree
Log Parser 2.2Universal query tool to text-based data, Event Logs, Registry and Active DirectoryMicrosoftFree
Notepad++EditorNotepad++ teamFree
(donations welcome)
OLE/COM Object ViewerObject browser & testerMicrosoftFree
(validation required)
PrimalScript Scripting IDE (Standard, Professional & Enterprise Editions)IDESapien
PSPadEditorJan FialaFree
(donations welcome)
Sapien WMI ExplorerWMI browserSapien TechnologiesFree
Script Debugger (NT 4 & later)WSH debugging environmentMicrosoftFree
(validation required)
Script Debugger (Win98/Me)WSH debugging environmentMicrosoftFree
(validation required)
Script Debugger IDEIDEStas Semenov
Script EncoderEncode your scriptsMicrosoftFree
(validation required)
ScriptomaticWMI query generator & testerScripting GuysFree
(validation required)
String-O-MaticConvert, escape, unescape, encode & decode stringsAlex K. AngelopoulosFree
System Scripting RuntimeRun scripts as servicesFranz Krainer
Term-O-MaticModified version of the Scriptom”

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