add your own right click option / extend the SCCM Tools Right click tools

This guide will show you how you can extend the SCCM Tools avavable from here:…

If you don´t have this toolkit installed. Download it and install it before continuing.

This is how they look by default:
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The actions with this package are not stored within the regestry anymore. Instead they are stored in xml files instead.
These are located on this path: <SCCM Console install directory>AdminUIXmlStorageExtensionsActions7ba8bf44-2344-4035-bdb4-16630291dcf6
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Begin with backing up all of these xml files to a diffrent location. just in case you ever wan´t to go back to the originals.

Now lets say we wan´t to add a custom action below the client actions node:
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Then open Client Actions.xml with notepad
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Scroll to the bottom of the script an input a new "chunk" of code. You can just code one of the above chunks and then edit.

Resized to 99% (was 1371 x 712) – Click image to enlargeAttached Image

As you can see i have pasted in a new chunk of code (marked in blue) and edited the name.

This will give me another option for evaluating the user policy…
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But i could also customize this to work with other scripts to make my custom action do something else..
To do this just edit the <FilePath> and <Parameters> values.

If you need to edit any of the other categories just open the xml file for this category (all stored within "<SCCM Console install directory>AdminUIXmlStorageExtensionsActions7ba8bf44-2344-4035-bdb4-16630291dcf6")

Enjoy! B)


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