How to delete an ISV Proxy Certificate

  You cannot delete an ISV Proxy certificate once it is registered with the site. All you will need to “Block” the old certificate, and then “Renew” the new certificate.   However if you want to do out of the box then this would be for you —–SQl query—- SELECT     ex.SMSID, ck.KeyData AS PublicKey, ck.KeyType, ck.Certificate, ck.ValidFrom, ck.ValidUntil, ck.Thumbprint, ex.Type, ck.ApprovalStatus AS IsApproved,
                      ck.IsRevoked AS IsBlocked, CONVERT(NVARCHAR(2048), ck.ClientIdentity) AS IssuedTo
FROM         dbo.ClientKeyDataCertExtend AS ex INNER JOIN
                      dbo.ClientKeyData AS ck ON ex.SMSID = ck.SMSID
WHERE     (ex.Type = 3) delete from ClientKeyData where SMSID = ‘GUID:xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx’ —-select * from ClientKeyDataCertExtend
delete from clientkeydatacertextend where smsid = ‘GUID:xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx’ —–select * from vSMS_ISVProxyCertificateInfo

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