How to Setup complete Asset Intelligent :SAM

Your first step would be Enable AI Role

Make sure you have enabled H/W & S/w Agent & Software metering Agent. For CAL Tracking Make Sure you Enable Audit logon Success.


Client Access License (CAL) data collection must be enabled in the Configuration.mof the file can be found in SCCM installed directoryInboxesclifiles.srchinv
Enable AI Classes
CALCollectionType : To be set to 3 (if you want to collect the User/Device based CAL) CALCollectionFrequencyDays: The default value is 7 days, but a value between 0 and 90 days can be specified. CALSupportedWindowsVersions: you will have as default “5.0,5.2,6.0.” add “5.0,5.2,6.0,6.1.” for Windwos 2008r2.
1) You need to contact your TAM to get the MVLS License File (as per Ms Documentation you can download from Ms Licensing site and can import the file, in my experience this was never worked for me at least). Once you get the Excel file, you need to save as XML Spreadsheet and then import in to SCCM Console. And you can see the reports for MVLS based inventory License report “License 14A – Microsoft Volume Licensing Reconciliation Report
2) For Third Party Licenses you need to create a sample File in the below format and save as .csv file, make sure that you need to have single worksheet/book. For reporting you need to look for License 15A – Third Party Software Reconciliation Report .
3) CAL Tracking Limitations a: At this time, Configuration Manager 2007 tracks CALs only for Windows Server and Exchange Server If you are more interested in Software Asset/ License tracking then you must visit the For more Products CAL Supporting you can use a free tool from MS

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